4Pcs Beekeeping Tools Kit, Stainless Steel Hive Tool, Bee Brush, Smoker, Comb Wax Extracting Fork

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Beekeeping involves many procedures that require a variety of tools. Whether it is the
inspection of hives to the uncapping of hive frames for extracting honey. For all these
procedures involved, you need a variety of tools suitable for a particular job.

This beekeeping starter kit has four tools to calm the bees, take them off the frames safely, lifting the frames, and uncapping the frames named hive tool, bee brush, smoker, and an uncapping fork in the respective order.

The starter kit has four very useful tools that any beekeeper requires a lot of times during many processes. This set of tools is specially assembled to provide you with a basic set of tools you will be needing throughout your honey harvesting season.
In this starter kit, you are getting a basic set of tools that are a requirement for any beekeeper.

The best thing is that by buying the combo, you can get all these tools at a lower price than what you would have to pay for all the individual tools combined.
Moreover, the combo is an excellent addition for your beekeeping supplies as you are getting some of the most useful beekeeping tools you need in this combo. Therefore, buying the combo is a wise choice for all the people who are thinking about keeping bees.


  • Stainless steel bee smoker
  • A soft-bristled brush with a wooden handle
  • plastic-handled and metal headed uncapping fork
  • Stainless steel hive tool

Smoker Size:

Large Smoker :             30CM*10CM  
Medium Smoker          28CM*10CM
Small Smoker               26CM* 8.50CM

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