Scraper Wood Handle Hive Tools For Scraper Cleaning Beehive Beekeeping Tools

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Scrapper for beehive is extensively used to clean the beehive. It is simple to use. It consists of stainless steel, wood, and plastic, which lends this product a decent look. By keeping the beehive clean, you will ultimately get desired output in the production of honey. The tidiness will also an impact on the beekeepers and, they will continue to work efficiently and effectively.

Scraper wood handle beehive tool is a beekeeping gear exploited for cleaning pollen, cleaning frame grille and lace, sundries, beeswax, and other unwanted things. Our beekeeping store has dozens of useful beekeeping equipment and starter kits to maintain your productive work. 


  • It features a stainless steel blade and an easy-grip wooden handle
  • Edges are specially beveled for pulling, lifting, and scraping
  • Highly durable

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