Bee Escape 8 Ways Round Disc Beehive Door Gate Beekeeping Equipment Beekeeper Tool

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Providing you 100% brand new three pieces of 8 ways bee escapes discs. These discs give one of the quickest ways to vacate your bees from parts of your using any bee escape.

There are eight ways for bees to get out from the beehive, convenient to use if you want to vacate the bee box. It consists of plastic material that leaves no impact of harm to bees, and they will fit directly over a hole in the middle of your crown board.

These effective beekeeping gears are simply available in our online beekeeping store to make you work less. These gears will save your time and labor. 


  • Made by plastic material, no harm to bees
  • Made of high‑quality plastic material
  • Reusable, hard, and durable
  • Has a long service life.

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