4 Pcs Beekeeping Honey harvesting Tool Kits for Beekeeper's

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For a beekeeper, extracting honey from the hive frames is of utmost bliss. The main goal of the bee harvest is to get the final product. But to extract this product from the hive frames, you require some important tools. The purpose of this kit is to provide the things you need for extraction.

In this kit, you get a frame grip, an uncapper, honey gate valve, and a layer stainless steel sieve. So, whether you are lifting the frames, uncapping them, bottling the honey, or taking the grains out of the honey, all the tools you need are right here in this starter kit. All of these tools are coming in this kit to help you from initiating the extraction to the bottling of honey.

This starter kit can be very useful for you in the long run as you can use these tools for a long time as these tools are long-lasting. Therefore, they are an excellent addition to your beekeeping supplies.

The best thing about this starter kit is that you can get all of these tools without having to spend the money you would have spent on buying these tools separately.


  • Stainless steel double sieve
  • Stainless steel hive frame
  • Nylon honey gate valve
  • Plastic handle uncapper

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