Beekeeping Kit Bee Grafting Tools Queen Cell Cup Stainless Steel Needle Set

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Queen rearing is an essential process in beekeeping. For growing the population of bees, more queens are required. That’s why the beekeepers go with different queen rearing processes. All of these processes require grafting tools and cell cups.

In this queen rearing kit, you are getting both of these. The grafting tool included in the kit is excellent for shifting larvae to rearing cups. Also, there are one hundred cell cups included in the kit.

Every beekeeper in the business knows how much important the queen rearing process is. Therefore, having a queen rearing kit in your beekeeping supplies is a wise thing. Moreover, the cell cups coming with this kit will keep you covered for a long time.

The best thing about this set is that both of the major requirements of the queen rearing process are included in it and coming at a lower price than what you would have to pay for buying these tools separately.


  • Grafting tool with a stainless steel needle
  • Plastic cell cups

Package Include:


  • Grafting tool with a stainless steel needle 1 PCs
  • 100 Pcs Plastic cell cups

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