Beehive Frame Spacer Hive Frame Spacing Beekeeping Plastic Tool 2 PCs

SIZE: Red 10 spacing
In stock


These high-quality plastic frames contribute reliability and durability in use. It is required to keep proper space between the beehive frames and, the two pieces of plastic frame spacer for the beehive frame spacing tool will enable you to take privilege from our product with ease.

Our unique and sturdy product will allow you to utilize it for as long as you desire due to its satisfactory and hefty plastic quality. It is one of the beekeeping starting gears which is essential for beekeeping.

You must have these two pieces of plastic beehive spacer frames to maintain the standard of beekeeping. It is available in our beekeeping stores. 


  • Made of durable high-density Polyethylene.
  • Bee Hive Frame Spacing Tool.
  • Save time and money on deck measurement.

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