Bee Smoker Fuel for Beehive 54 Per Pack

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The bee smoke is made of Herbs and it will do no harm to bees. It can help calm bees. It is good for both hives and bees Each beekeeping smoker fuel pellet burns roughly 15 to 20 minutes giving you the perfect amount of time to check a hive or two. The smoke created from honey bee smoker pellets disrupts your bees’ ability to sense natural pheromones secreted to distract them making them seem calmer. when bees come to their hive and honey; Safely feed your bees, check on and clean your hive, and collect honey by smoking the hive Bee Smoker Fuel Tool


  • Efficient Beekeeper Smoker Fuel
  • Distracts Your Bees
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe for Your Bees

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