Beehive Top Feeder Square Bowl Beekeeping Pail Rapid Bee Feeder,

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Our beekeeping tool for bee-feeding is made of hefty quality plastic which ensures long-term usage. It consists of several small holes that are drill into the cap that allows a bee to suck feed by inserting it into the nest, bee-feeding fountains do not draw the bees, bee's legs are not in the water.

Keep the water clean to maintain proper hygiene and to keep purity in the harvesting honey. It is made of eco-friendly material, safe and non-toxic. It is easy to operate and install. It is necessary beekeeping equipment which is available in our beekeeping store. This beekeeping equipment proved to be beneficial for most of the beekeepers and they reviewed positively about this product.


  • A clear cap reduces the risk of drowning
  • Placed over the inner cover and the central hole, bees have no problems getting into or out without drowning with these feeders.
  • Made of high-quality durable plastic safe for bees
  • Easy to clean.

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