7 Pcs Beekeeping Tool Kit Including Honey Strainer, Frame Grip, J-Hook tool, Entrance Feeder

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Beekeeping is no easy task at all. There are many tools a beekeeper needs for different
processes. In this bundle, you are getting a decent collection of tools that you can use for
inspection, uncapping, and honey extraction.

The J-hook lifter, stainless steel smoker, frame grip, and brush can help you in the inspection of the hive frames. If the frames are ready to harvest honey, you can uncap them with the uncapper, extract the honey, and then pass it through the double sieve to make the honey ready for bottles. On top of all these tools, the entrance feeder is an excellent addition to provide for the nutritional requirements of bees.

The toolkit as a whole is handy and convenient. Thus, it is an excellent addition to your
beekeeping supplies. The best thing is that you can save many dollars by purchasing this
bundle instead of buying these products individually.


  • Stainless steel bee smoker
  • Stainless steel food grade sieve
  • Wooden brush with soft bristles
  • Metal frame grip
  • Plastic entrance feeder
  • Metal j-hive Tool
  • Plastic body and metal needles of Uncapping Fork

Smoker Size:

Large Smoker :             30CM*10CM  
Medium Smoker          28CM*10CM
Small Smoker               26CM* 8.50CM

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