8 Pcs Beekeeping Hive Maintenance Tools Kit

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Beekeeping involves many processes that need specific tools. Therefore, it is better to get the tools you will need beforehand. In this kit, we have provided many of the useful tools that you will need many times during your honey harvest.

In this starter kit, you are getting a bee brush, a hive tool, frame grip, wire tensioner, queen catcher, queen marking bottle, wire embedder, and uncapping fork. These tools are the ones that you are going to need a lot of times during the process. That’s why we have assembled this toolkit to get you everything you are going to need in one place.

You can use these tools for many different purposes like catching the queens with queen catcher and then marking them by using the marking bottles. Also, you can lift the hive frames by using a frame grip or a hive tool. Furthermore, you can also tighten the wires with a tensioner, and for embedding the wires, the wire embedder is there for you. In a similar way, you can also use the bee brush and uncapping fork for your processes.

Because of all these useful tools coming in the starter kit, it is an excellent addition to your beekeeping supplies. Also, the tools cost lower than what you would have had to pay for buying all the tools separately.


  • 1 Plastic body and metal end of the tensioner
  • 1 Bee brush with plastic or wood handle
  • 1 Wooden handled wire embedder
  • 1 Plastic marking bottle with a plunger
  • 1 Stainless Steel frame holder
  • 1 Plastic handled uncapping fork
  • 1 Stainless steel hive tool
  • 1 Plastic queen catcher

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