2 Pcs Beehive Water Dispenser and 2 Pcs Front Entrance Honey Beehive Feeder Beekeeping Tool

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During honey harvest, for a lot of time, the bees are totally dependant on the keepers for food and water. Therefore, it is better to be prepared beforehand. There are bee feeders and water dispensers for providing hydration and nutrition for bees to help the beekeepers in the process.

In this combo, there are two water dispensers, and entrance bee feeders included. So, with this combo, you can quench their thirst and provide them with food easily. Therefore, this combo is a wise addition to your beekeeping supplies.

The best thing about this combo is that you get both of these tools for a lesser price than what you would have to pay for buying them separately.


  • Plastic bee feeders
  • Plastic water dispenser

Package Include:

  • 2  Entrance Bee Feeder 750ml
  • 2 Entrance Bee Feeder (White)

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