7 Pcs Bee Hive Tool Kits For Professional and Beginner's Beekeeper's

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There are a lot of tools we often forget to add in our beekeeping supplies. These tools include bee markers, queen catchers, hive scrapper, hive frame holder, uncapping tools and wire embedders. All of these tools are extremely useful and are something that every beekeeper must have in their collection.

In this beekeeping toolkit, you are getting a set consisting of all these tools. The set has one tool of every type. All these tools have distinct functions that make this set a fantastic addition to your beekeeping supplies.

With these tools, you can catch and mark the queen; lift the frames, uncap them for further processes, and also embed the wires into the wax foundation to make the frames ready for the bees. Given all these uses, you can imagine how much the toolkit is actually useful. The best thing is that you can have all these tools for much lesser dollars than what you would have to pay for all the tools individually.


  • Safe and odourless marker
  • Plastic marking bottle
  • Embedder with wooden handle and metal rotating wheel
  • Metal frame grip
  • Metal hive tool
  • Plastic body and metal needles of uncapper
  • Plastic bee catcher

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