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Beekeeping requires various tools for different processes. Therefore, there are some tools every beekeeper must have in their collection. Among other tools, there are smoker, bee feeders, queen catchers, hive tools, bee brush, apiculture tool, and frame holder.

These tools cover a lot of processes from the inspection of hive tools to feeding and making the hives ready for the honey extraction processes. Therefore, we have included all the useful tools in this tool kit.

With this tool kit, you are covered with the feeding process of bees as there are five feeders included in the kit. Also, there are five queen catchers. For the processes of inspection and initiating honey extraction, there is a stainless steel bee smoker, a frame holder, bee brush, hive tool, and uncapping fork.

Overall, this kit covers many of the processes involved in beekeeping. The best thing is that with this kit, all of these tools for a lesser price than what you have had to pay for buying these tools separately.

Package Include:

  • 1 Stainless steel smoker
  • 1 Wooden or plastic bee brush
  • 5 Plastic bee feeders
  • 5 Plastic bee catchers
  • 1 Plastic handled uncapping fork
  • 1 Stainless steel frame grip
  • 1 J Style Stainless steel hive tool

Smoker Size:

Large Smoker :             30CM*10CM  

Medium Smoker          28CM*10CM

Small Smoker               26CM* 8.50CM

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