Beekeeping tools Beehive repair Awl shape Tool pliers Wooden handle with Stainless Steel

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Beekeeping involves many processes that require different tools. Instead of spending a lot of money on all of these different tools, you can have a multipurpose awl shape axe. The best thing about these tools is that you are getting multiple handy tools in it. The tools include a hammer, an axe, a plier, a filer, an opener, a saw, and a screwdriver. Moreover, the wooden handle also provides a firm grip.

In an awl shape axe, you can conveniently carry all of these tools. Because of the variety of tools you are getting in this axe, it is an excellent addition to your beekeeping tools. Apart from beekeeping, you can use it for many other purposes too.


  • Stainless steel or chromed metal material for tools
  • Wooden handle for a comfortable grip

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