Beekeeping Bee Hives Frame Eyelets for Beekeepers

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Brass beehive eyelet frames are reliable and durable in usage as they are made up of cuprum. Installation and removal of eyelets are simple. It is copper plated which, provides it a hefty quality.

It is extensively used in small holes in the wood frame end bars to prevent the reinforcing wire from gouging the wood resulting in slack frame wire and for best results, make sure that the eyelets are tight-fitted. All finishes are non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly. They are easy to clean which, can maintain a level of beekeeping.

Moreover, it is essential beekeeping equipment which is always demanded in range by our customers. Our beekeeping store is providing you brass frames of high quality to match your beekeeping needs.


  • High-Quality Copper Eyelets
  • Minimize damage to the wood when you need to add wire to the beehive frames
  • Eyelets are inserted into the pre-drilled holes in the end bars, convenient to use

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