Beginners and Professional Beekeepers, Honey Harvesting Beekeeping Starter Kit, A Set of 5

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Extracting the honey from the hive frames is the most exciting part for any beekeeper. In addition, it is also the most awaited beekeeping process, too as the overall goal of beekeeping is to harvest honey.

For the extraction process, you will be needing a complete set of tools comprising of a frame grip, uncapping fork, honey gate valves, and a double sieve honey strainer. The good news is that you are getting all of these tools are included in this starter it with an addition of a queen catcher.

To start things off, you will need to take the hive frames out of the hive. You can use frame grip for that purpose. Secondly, you will need to uncap the frames before putting them into the honey extractor. Once you have extracted honey, you can bottle it or put it inside jars.

That’s when you will need a honey gate valve for pouring it into bottles and jars. No one would want to see, any grains in the honey. To avoid such grains, you can use the stainless steel double sieve. So, except the extractor, you are getting everything you need to extract honey.

The queen catcher is useful for other beekeeping purposes like catching queens for marking or rearing. In short, you are getting some really good tools coming in this bundle coming at a lower price you would have paid for these tools in sum.


  • Plastic-handled uncapping fork
  • Frame grip with wooden grip
  • Plastic queen catcher
  • Nylon honey gate valve
  • Stainless steel double layer honey strainer


  • 1 Pcs Honey Gate
  • 1 Pcs Frame Grip
  • 1 Pcs Queen Catcher
  • 1 Pcs Uncapping Fork
  • 1 Pcs Double Filter Seive  

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