5Pcs Honey Harvesting Beekeeping Starter Tool Kit For Professional Beekeeper's

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The best part of beekeeping is when you have harvested honey, and now it is time for its extraction. The honey extraction process has many steps involved including taking out the frames, brushing off the bees, uncapping of the hives, and then straining the honey through a strainer.

All of these processes require specialized tools. In this combo, we have assembled a set of beekeeping supplies to assist you in all of these processes. The starter kit includes a frame holder, an uncapping knife, a soft-bristled brush, a double sieve honey strainer, and an uncapping fork.

With these tools in your hands, you can easily take out the frames, uncap them, and strain honey extracted from them. You are getting all the right tools you will be needing for these processes.

The combo is assembled especially for the needs of harvesting. Therefore, we did not miss anything in this start-up kit from the frame holder to the bee brush. You are getting a complete honey harvest collecting set.

Every beekeeper needs to have these tools as they are very essential. To make things easy for the beekeepers, we have assembled this starter kit with all the tools at one place. The best thing is that you can save some dollars by buying the kit instead of separately buying every tool.


  • Stainless steel double sieve for staring honey
  • Stainless steel uncapping knife with wooden handle for easy grip
  • Metal frame holder with wooden handle for better grip
  • Wooden bee brush with soft bristles
  • Plastic handled uncapping fork

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