9 Pcs Beekeeping Bee Hive Starter Kit for Professional and Beginner Beekeeper's

Size: Small Smoker
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The beekeeping starter kit has all the tools you need to make the bees docile, to take the hive out of frame, removal of wax from the frames, and different tools for your various procedures. All the tools included in the kit add to your convenience in the safe handling of the bees and extracting honey.

The kit consists of:

  • Stainless Steel Smoker
  • Stainless steel scraper/Hive Tool
  • Frame Holder
  • Plastic escape disc
  • Queen Catcher
  • Queen Marking Tool
  • Wheel Wire Embedder
  • Bee Brush
  • Plastic Handle Uncapping Fork

The smoke from the stainless steel smoker makes the bees less violent, thus making the process easy. Hive tool separates the frames and lets you take out the frame with ease. To lift the frame without harming the bees, you will need the frame holder. If you want to catch and mark the Queen, you will need the queen catcher and marking. For embedding wire into the frame, you have the wheel wire embedder. Also, for providing an escape for bees, there are plastic escape discs. Thus, you have a complete kit required for starting your bee farming.

Finding and buying the tools separately can be a lot of hassle. This convenient starter kit brings you all the primary tools you will need for your beekeeping business. Therefore, it is a healthy investment.

Moreover, by buying this starter kit instead of separate tools, you can save a considerable amount of money. Therefore, the deal is something you should not miss.

Smoker Size:

Large Smoker :             30CM*10CM  
Medium Smoker          28CM*10CM
Small Smoker               26CM* 8.50CM

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