Queen Rearing System Cultivating Box, 121 Pcs Plastic Bee Cell Cups kit,

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If you want to grow your bee colony by having more queens, you will need a queen rearing system. The queen rearing system is an effective way of getting without too much hassle.
Queen rearing equipment consists of a cultivating box, cell cups, and queen cages.
With this efficient system, you can get great results quickly. The whole rearing process is made easy with this set of tools. In beekeeping, growing the colony and getting more queens is very important. Therefore, having this set of tools can be of great help. Moreover, it is a nice addition to your beekeeping supplies.


  • Food grade plastic cultivating box.
  • Plastic cell cups.
  • Plastic queen cages.
  • Cultivating Box

Package Include:

  • 1 x Cultivating Box
  • 100 x Plastic Bee cells cup
  • 20 x Queen Cage

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